What is the use of vanadium hydride powder

What is vanadium hydroide? Vanadium hydride This is a binary compound of transition metal. Transition metal elements like scandium, vanadium chromium nickel lanthanide actinide all react with the hydrogen to produce binary compounds.

If the temperature of vanadium (VH2) (25 to 200 at 2) is increased, the pressure of the hydrogen evolution will change from 0.19MPa.
It is possible to say that a compressor would be ideal if the (1.9 atmosphere pressure) rose sharply to 870 MPa.
Vanadium hydride includes scandium (a transition metal), vanadium (a transition metal), chromium (as well as nickel), lanthanide and actinide.
All elements are capable of forming binary compounds with Hydrogen.
Vanadium hydride
Molecular Formula: VH2
Molecular Weight: 55.9812
Uses of vanadium hydride powder
Vanadium hydride (VH2) is widely used for metallurgical additions, hydrogenates and reducing agent. The vanadium hydroide doesn't react with water nor does it react with boiling hydrochloric, but is oxidized when exposed to nitric acids. Vanadium alloys are made from vanadium hydrides, which have a high hydrogen content. This compound is often used for hydrogen storage alloys.
The vanadium hydride properties
1. VH2 is a very unstable substance. At 13, the dissociation is pressure is 1.01x105Pa and the reaction formula 2VH2-2VH+H2.
2. Vanadium hydroide is a grayish metal substance. After vanadium absorbs hydrogen, its lattice expands.
3. The density is approximately 6% - 10% lower in hydride than it is in metal vanadium.
4. Metal vanadium becomes brittle after absorbing hydrogen. In a vacuum heated to 600700 degrees, the vanadium hydride decomposes and releases hydrogen.
The plastic properties of vanadium are restored, reducing its hardness.
5. Vanadium hydroide does not react when it comes into contact with water, or even boiled hydrochloric. However, nitric acids will cause the hydride to oxidize. Hydrogen storage alloys use vanadium hydrides.
It has a huge hydrogen storage capability and is a very promising compound.
Prices of vanadium hydride powder
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Vanadium powder supplier
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