What Powder is Used for Metal 3D Printing

What is the powder used to Print Metal 3D?

Flowability: A key characteristic for metal powder is its ability to flow through the 3D printer. The materials with better flowability are able be used more efficiently and create more consistent products and layers. Additionally, they are less likely pieces with irregular layers. The greater flowability of metal powder is a reason why it's simpler to create a metal 3D model.

Steel 316L powder Stainless

Powders of stainless steel 316L have been extensively examined for its impact on AM. It's a representative material and therefore results can be applied to other alloys. The distribution of the size of the powder as determined by the 4S process is 9.43 mm. Its particle shape factors (PSF) is close to one. The powder's properties are summarized in Table 1.


Most commonly, the metal alloy used in 3D printing processes is titan. It is a very durable and durable metal well-suited for the manufacturing of functional parts prototypes, as well as other products for military, aerospace and automotive applications. It is also biocompatible and is often used to make medical implants.

The advantages of titanium powder are many The material is getting more and more used in additive manufacturing applications. It's close to half it's weight and its unique characteristics can make it a perfect candidate when it comes to 3D printing. Titanium is light, heat-resistant and chemical-resistant. Additionally, it is biocompatible. Of all its qualities, titanium is particularly helpful for automotive and aerospace applications for which weight and weight the item is essential.


Niobium powder is an ideal material for 3D printing with metal because it is bio inert and easy to process. In additive manufacturing, it's used to produce niobium compounds that can be utilized in the production of aerospace parts and engines. This process is known as"laser-based-powder bed fusion (also called SLM), and it makes use of a laser to selectively melt the powder to produce metals.

Niobium is chemically comparable metal to tantalum, and its melting areas are comparable. They also have the same electrical and thermal conductivity. These attributes make them perfect for chemical processing. Actually, they're also used in the making of capacitors and other electrical devices.

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