What is concrete defoamer

Concrete is a stone mixed with water, sand, stones and some chemical additives, if necessary, in a particular proportion. Foaming occurs when concrete is made due to agitation. The appearance of a large amount of foam will lead to a decrease in the s…


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Trump launches his own social media site, will this matter for the global trade of titanium value

Trumplaunches his own social media site, will this matter for the global trade oftitanium value? It comesnine months after former US President Donald Trump was ejected from social mediafor inciting the January 6 congressional uprising. On Wednesday,…


Chemical analysis reagent - calcium hydride

What does calcium hydride mean? Calcium Hydride is a chemical compound. The laboratory uses CA, H2 and heat to create CAH2. CAH2 can be described as a compound of an ion. Chinese name for CAH2 is calcium hydroide. The molecular form of CAH2 (gray-whi…


What are Aluminum Nitride Characteristics?

Recently, the EU proclaimed new sanctions on Russia, including coal, timber, rubber, cement, and fertilizer, as well as high-end seafood AlN powder. Aluminum Nitride Research HistoryAluminum nitride is a kind of ceramic material with exce…

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